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Bundil makes investing in cryptocurrencies
like bitcoin & ethereum easy and fun!

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Securely link Bundil with your debit card or credit card account. Bundil is compatible with hundreds of banks. How awesome is that?

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Bundil rounds up transactions from your normal spending to the nearest dollar, and invests in the crypto you choose.

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Track your portfolio growth, and manage your currencies all without leaving the app. You can even snooze investing at anytime.

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To learn more about how Bundil works to grow your
crytocurrency portfolio automagically

Amazing Features

We're always in the lab working to provide you with all of the features you need!

3 Rounding Options

You can grow your portfolio as fast as you like. Choose standard rounding, $0.50 for every transaction, or $1.00 for every transaction.

Snooze your Roundups

Want to take a break? You can snooze your roundups anytime. While you are snoozed your purchases will not be used for rounding/investment.

Withdraw or Buy Extra Anytime

See a shift in the market?
You can buy an extra $5 or $50,000 or sell your coin at anytime.

Super Easy to Use

We put a lot of effort into making sure that using & navigating Bundil is super simple even for novice investors.


Frequently asked questions

We offer World Class Support. If you can't find an answer to your question here,head to our support page and submit a ticket.

Does Bundil keep my cryptocurrency?

Bundil doesn’t hold any of your funds or cryptocurrency. We use a third party custodian to keep your coins more safe than a pirates treasure map.

How many coins does Bundil offer?

Currently, we offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, with over 142 Altcoins coming soon.

How much does Bundil cost to use?

We charge a low membership fee of $5 per month. Transaction fees as low as 1%.

How much will I be able to make with Bundil?

Let’s say you chose to round up $0.50 cents on every purchase; You would invest an average of $1.50/day which is $45/month. If you used Bundil for one month in 2013, you would have made $6787. :)


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